Sincere outdoor tents campers may doubt hammock camping, yet there are benefits to setting up your sleeping quarters in between 2 trees. No rocks jabbing you in the back, much less equipment to lug, better convenience, and, obviously, easier established. By following some standard rules, Hanging a Camping Hammock can be a simple task.

Sleeping in a hammock has a lot of advantages oversleeping in a tent. You don’t have to worry about clearing your campsite for rocks and other debris before setting up your tent.  Using a camping hammock also protects you from the elements, such as rain and snowfall. 

There are a few tips and tricks that can help in making your own camping hammock. You can learn more below about how to successfully make a camping hammock.

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How to Hang Your Hammock

Picking the Right Trees

hanging a camping hammock


When picking trees to hold your hammock, look for ones that are a minimum of 6 inches in size, however larger is much better. Smaller trees do not have a deep origin system or the sturdiness required for the task available. The bigger choice is the much better selection.

Range between Trees

A distance of approximately fifteen feet in between trees is optimal. You require enough distance to allow the correct amount of tension and also a couple of extra feet will allow you some adaptability to adjust for your best comfort once the hammock is hung.

Problem of the Trees

Take notice of the problem of the trees you wish to utilize for your hammock. Are they obviously thriving and also healthy and balanced? If a tree looks sickly, or has a lot of dead branches, reconsider. It might not be tough sufficient to last with the period of your stay at this location.

Sort of Tree

Be aware of regional policies prior to making use of a tree. There are some parks that prohibit hammocks. Moreover, know the various sorts of trees in the area. Learn about protected varieties of trees as well as avoid them.

Last, there are some trees that are simply not a great selection- recognize which ones. Many conifers, like Spruces, have breakable bark as well as are not a great option. Similarly, other trees, like the Joshua Tree have little origin systems and are not good for sustaining the additional weight.


Look up and also down prior to hanging your hammock.

Up: Dead branches, fruits, and also nuts in a tree might seem insignificant till they strike your face in the middle of the evening when you are out cold. Avoid sleeping under them.

Down: It may appear fun to hang your hammock over a creek or rocky terrain. The enjoyable would certainly finish really rapidly if you fell out of your hammock, nonetheless unlikely it might appear. You need to also look for any plants below the hammock that may be secured. Climbing up in as well as out of the hammock may damage them.

hanging a camping hammock

How to Assistance the Hammock

When preparing for hammock outdoor camping, you should pick in between ropes as well as bands for circling the tree as well as sustaining your weight. Bands that hug the tree, sometimes called “tree huggers”, have several advantages over ropes.


Durable tree straps come ready to safeguard around the tree, unlike ropes, which call for knot linking experience. A few of the knots required can be quite complex. Likewise, bands allow more versatility. You can adjust and also fit the range between trees throughout setup. What’s more, as soon as the hammock is in location, the tension for optimum convenience can easily be tweaked with bands.

Shielding the Setting

Below tree bark is the layer that is responsible for transporting water and nutrients to the remainder of the tree. If the bark is damaged, there is a threat of damage to that critical layer.

When you pluck a loophole in both a rope and also a band, you can really feel the difference in the effect of each on a tree trunk. Rope is narrower as well as can cut into the bark of a tree. Tree straps, on the other hand, have a bigger level surface area less likely to do damage.

The majority of tree bands are one to two inches wide; they disperse the weight as well as stress on the tree, so they are less most likely to reduce into the bark. When in doubt, it is best to err on the side of nature as well as shield the trees. The age old proverb for outdoor camping is to leave every little thing at your camping area as it was when you showed up. Tree straps can help you do that.

Reliability as well as Safety and security

Tree straps are made for marginal extending. With tree bands, there is a lesser possibility that you can get up in the morning really resting on the damp ground with the insects.

Hanging a Camping Hammock is key to a positive and also successful outdoor camping experience. Attention to a few bottom lines, like the size and condition of the trees made use of for support, understanding of the surrounding environment, as well as using correct accessories, like tree straps, can make all the distinction.

There are many great hammock and survival hammock forums that can be found easily. These forums are populated by camping enthusiasts with a wealth of knowledge. You may find inspiration from other campers on making your own DYI camping hammock as well as help in troubleshooting any snags you might hit along the way.

Forums are also great for finding out the quality of the retail hammocks out there. Read discussions on products to see what real customers think of the products. This is another way to make sure that you spend your money wisely if you are purchasing a hammock.

Hammock camping can be a fun experience and alternative to the typical camping and sleeping in a tent. It allows the camper to experience nature in a new way, as well as providing for easier travel experience for backpackers. Following the advice in this article will ensure that you have a great experience on your next hammock camping adventure.

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