when your truck gets filthy, so does the lid of your truck. If you’re in a rush and wish to spend less than $ 10, an automated automobile laundry can be an excellent choice. Before you go, you may be questioning if it’s secure to bring your tonneau cover to the automobile wash. We understand how vital it is to maintain your truck and vehicle in good condition, so we did the study for you.

That does not enjoy automated vehicle clean? The rapid, convenient and cost effective automated automobile clean is the best selection for vehicle owners who do not have the moment and persistence to manually clean their pickup trucks. Nonetheless, if your truck is outfitted with a storage tank cover, you might wonder if the automatic automobile clean harms the lid.

There are a few things you require to take into consideration prior to you bring your tonneau cover to your cars and truck wash. We don’t have a conclusive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer due to the fact that there are so many factors to take into consideration, however we will offer you with the information you need to make your very own choices.

Bear in mind that numerous suppliers claim their tonneaus can safely go through an auto clean. We still believe it’s clever to take into consideration a couple of different points before running the risk of a costly tool.


Some producers might require you to remove their tonneau. In this circumstances and if your tonneau is simple to eliminate, just take it off. That way, you do not have to bother with it obtaining harmed and also your vehicle bed will get clean in the vehicle laundry. For the most part, you can get rid of the cover itself and also leave the side rails connected to your vehicle bed rails.

Yet of course, it relies on what kind of tonneau cover you have. Undoubtedly, this is a far better choice for a soft tonneau than a heavy, hard cover, which may take greater than a single person to remove. Right here is our suggestions on what to do with various sorts of tonneaus:

Rolling, folding, or retractable tonneau:

Tonneaus with many parts, consisting of hinges, aren’t quite as tough as hard-top tonneaus. If you go through a touchless vehicle clean, these kinds of covers must be great. Yet you must think twice before taking your rolling, folding, or retractable tonneau cover with a car wash that uses brushes. We’ll go more into more information later about how brushes can injure your tonneau.

Hard-top hinged tonneau:

A hard-top tonneau constructed from fiberglass or hard plastic should be able to go through a cars and truck laundry without triggering any type of damages. If your tonneau is repainted, you might intend to undergo a touchless auto laundry so as to not scratch the coating. Since there are no relocating or soft parts, these tonneaus stand up well as well as can deal with anything the rest of your truck can manage.

Car Washes With Spinning Brushes

We recommend that you eliminate your tonneau cover prior to going through a vehicle wash that uses spinning brushes. There are a couple of factors to stay clear of these automobile washes, chief amongst them the noticeable possibility of a moving brush harming the top of the cover via abrasion. A 2nd factor is that gradually the side brushes can slap your tonneau cover’s rails hard enough to displace the clamps that hold it in position, which at least implies having to reinstall the rail and also at the most awful can trigger damage to the cover. While there are lots of videos on-line showing tonneau covers going through a car clean with no damages, some of these issues are more collective than prompt.

Soft tonneau:

Soft tonneau covers, specifically the Sawtooth tonneau, can go through a regular touch automobile laundry with brushes. Some soft tonneau makers might call for the proprietor to remove the tonneau prior to undergoing a cars and truck clean. To avoid that, you may wish to take into consideration an additional soft tonneau supplier.
If removing your tonneau cover isn’t an alternative, maintain reading to learn more methods you can deal with your tonneau while still utilizing an automated automobile clean.
If you want one that is detachable as well as an easy to get rid of tonneau cover, make sure you do your research.

Touch Free Car Washes

If you’re mosting likely to take a tonneau cover via an auto wash, a touch-free auto wash is your best choice. By using sensors to determine your automobile’s size as well as contours, a touch-free automobile clean meets its name, cleansing your car with water and also chemicals. Brushes as well as towels don’t come into play right here, which is great information for your tonneau cover given that absolutely nothing is physically hitting it besides pressurized fluids. Just make sure your touch-free auto laundry doesn’t have a wax cycle. Mentioning which …

Avoid Waxes

Automotive waxes can leave a film or haze externally of your tonneau cover. For this reason, if you plan on taking your truck via any sort of computerized car wash with a wax cycle, we advise that you initially eliminate your vehicle bedspread. After the automatic clean, you can clean your tonneau cover by hand as well as use a protectant such as Extang Tonno Tonic.


. There are advantages and disadvantages to different types of car washes. Automatic cars and truck cleans can be soft-touch, and make use of relocating brushes as well as cloths, or be touchless as well as utilize soap and water jets.

The main thing that could damage your sort of tonneau in an auto clean is rotating brushes. Brushes tidy your truck with rubbing, which can damage the surface of repainted tonneau covers that are meant to safeguard your cargo from rain, however not from actual physical get in touch with. Soft-touch vehicle washes might likewise utilize thick towel strips. If vehicles aren’t washed well initially, those can massage dirt around, perhaps damaging your truck.

If you’re trying to keep your tonneau healthy, but wish to take advantage of an automated car wash, touchless is a great option. Touchless vehicle washes usage pressurized water jets as well as soap to cleanse your vehicle. They still get the job done and as an added perk, they are much less most likely to harm your paint job.

Gradually, even pressurized water can be bad for sure tonneaus. So can dryer followers, which apply a great deal of stress, particularly to certain soft tonneaus. Although you won’t see harm from these after a clean or more, experiencing the touchless car clean once a week might accumulate damage to particular tonneaus over time. That’s why, if you have a tonneau by one more manufacturer, we advise eliminating your tonneau first when possible.


If you do select to take your truck through the cars and truck laundry with your tonneau still attached, we have one main piece of advice: Make sure your tonneau is firmly closed. Your tonneau is terrific at repelling water (Are Tonneau Covers Waterproof?), but it can not do its work if it is exposed.

If your tonneau is a little open, water and soap can get inside and also potentially hinder the within the tonneau, which is not implied to drive away water. For instance, firing pressurized water inside a retracting tonneau can mess with the pulling back device and also stop your tonneau from working effectively in the future.
Plus, any kind of cargo you had in your truck bed just got completely soaked.


Ideally you can wash your vehicle by hand. In this way, you avoid the automatic induction cars and truck washing machine unpleasant brushes and also still get your truck tidy. If you clean the truck by hand, you may not also require to get rid of the tonneau if the supplier needs it. Hand washing is also the best way to cleanse your tonneau cover. You can clean it meticulously according to the provided supplier’s guidelines and also get it as tidy as your truck.

Although this article focuses on automated auto clean, it is worth mentioning that the majority of specialists recommend cleaning your vehicle by hand to prevent damages caused by dust and whirlpool particles contained in car washer. automated. If your vehicle has a container cover we advise that you follow this recommendation. And also by all means, have fun with it.